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    The lesson today was fun because I like the different sounds when you add the different chords. I know I will need alot of practice , it’s easy when you look at keys but when you don’t look it’s a little bit more challenging. But I can’t wait to see the next lesson. Like we say in Texas have fun you all.

    • Maria ae you joining everyone tomorrow for the 5 day challenge ( 10 minutes a day) by the way how is the piano playing coming along. I am still enjoying learning and playing trying to keep that left hand really active mostly trying to find songs with lots of left hand keys one thing I find now is that I don’t look down so much for left hand have gained much confidence on that and also placement of keys (right hand never was a problem) its coming along nice
      hey let me hear from you when you have time

      • Hi hope you enjoying the challenge. I like the way she’s been explaining and kind of learning new ways in how to learn a song, I think I been rushing into it. Anyway I wanted to ask if you have a the music sheet of the Battle of the Republic by Eliza , I been trying to print out but for some reason it’s not letting me print it says page not found. Love the song would like to learn how to play it on the piano. Thanks