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Check out what’s coming up! I’m always creating ways to help you enhance your skills and give you fun ways to enjoy the piano! Below you will find the latest news and announcements!

September Song of the Month for Piano Partners!

If you are part of the Piano Partner Group, you are missing out!  We have a lively, friendly group that loves to support and encourage each other!

Each month, we have a Song of the Month and on the 20th of each month, everyone who wants to, uploads their video performance.   It’s fun, inspiring and everyone gets the benefit of either performing, watching and/or supporting each other with their comments.

The song of the month for September is a The Ukrainian Bell Carol!

If you’re not a member of the Piano Partner Group, go to My Groups on your homeroom page and request to be added!  You will see the download for this song in the group, you will also see it in the Add On Outlet, named: Bell Carol. Enjoy!


Piano Teacher Certification is Underway!

Students who want to create a rewarding career teaching piano – this is for you!

We are finally starting our first round of teacher training!  It’s not too late to sign up, simply email me at and put in the subject line:  I want to teach piano

Piano Teacher Certification programs are usually a 2-year program, can be quite expensive, and you don’t get to earn money until you graduate! However, in this exclusive training, you will start team-teaching my course as an apprentice teacher, to beginner students, right away AND EARN money right away!

Find out if you qualify by emailing me at

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