Unlock Lessons

Unlock Lessons 

If you are still in Free Lesson Mode and would like to unlock more lessons, choose the option below that best fits your needs. 

Once you purchase to unlock an option, you will need to log out, then log back in again for your lessons to appear on the Piano Lesson page. 


Full Piano Course – Yearly Subscription

Unlock the Award Winning Step by Step Piano Course presented in 12 easy to progress levels, with over 100 weeks of lesson assignments.  From basics to advanced concepts you will be guided through easy to follow assignments that you will never give you more than you need so that you never get overwhelmed!  All assignments are already divided out for you so you don’t have to guess at what to do now and what to do next!   Graduates of this course have become professional musicians, piano teachers, and church pianists.

Low Investment:  Monthly Subscription

Don’t want to pay for a full year upfront? This monthly subscription option makes it super easy to get started and immediately unlocks levels 4 and 5!  The remaining levels will be released after your 9th week of being a member.  This is an ongoing monthly subscription.  It’s easy to cancel when you’ve completed the lessons with the click of a button on your membership page.

Pay Once: No Subscription.

This option is perfect for those who have a pattern of consistency and motivation!  You know who you are!  You’re the person who starts something, and stays committed no matter what.  You are the person who practices despite disruptions and life distractions.  You are fully committed to learning piano and nothing will get in your way!   This option gives you access to the entire course for 24 months which is about the time it takes an average learner to complete the course when practicing every day.  

Learn Piano Course Manual

Tired of printing your piano course pages? Don’t feel like logging into the membership every time you practice? How about getting all 300 pages printed for you, bound in a manual and shipped right to your home? This 300-page manual has been known to provide so much convenience that it can be the difference between practicing or not practicing often. Just place it on your piano or keyboard, and you’re ready to practice at any time!