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Still in Free Lesson Mode and would like to unlock more lessons?   You’re in the right place!  🙂

Once you purchase, you will need to log out, then log back in again for your lessons to appear on the Piano Lesson page. 


Activate Access to Entire 12 Level Piano Course!

Ready to get serious with your piano lesson journey?  Unlock the entire program so you can work at your own pace and really learn how to play your favorite songs from sheet music!  Start with the basics and build your skills to advanced concepts as I  guide you through easy to follow assignments.   Just like the easy step by step free lessons, I will never give you more than you need so that you never get overwhelmed!  

Learn Piano Course Manual

Tired of printing your piano course pages? Don’t feel like logging into the membership every time you practice? How about getting all 300 pages printed for you, bound in a manual and shipped right to your home? This 300-page manual has been known to provide so much convenience that it can be the difference between practicing or not practicing often. Just place it on your piano or keyboard, and you’re ready to practice at any time!